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LNG Filling Station Solution

LNG, short for liquefied natural gas, is made by cooling and liquefying the natural gas (CH4) under ultralow temperature (one barometric pressure, -162℃). LNG has high expansion ratio of gas to liquid and high energy efficiency. It is also easy to transport and store.

As a sort of clean energy, LNG is safe to use. LNG is non-poisonous, odorless and is easy to diffuse since it is lighter than air after being vaporized. Due to advantages of easy transportation, high storage efficiency and low operation cost (air-immersed vaporizing consumes almost no energy), LNG is favored by more and more customers. There is bright future for LNG application.

At present, LNG semi-trailer is used to transport LNG from liquidation factory or receiving wharf to gas filling stations.

Main equipment in a LNG filling station includes LNG storage tank, LNG cryogenic pump, LNG metering device, LNG selling system, control system and safety system.

Working process of a LNG filling station is similar to a common gas filling station. The detailed process is presented as follows: LNG Liquefaction Plant --- LNG semi-trailer--- LNG storage tank---LNG cryogenic pump---LNG filling machine---LNG vehicle to be refueled. The whole process is easy to operate and needs to be completed under low temperature and low pressure.