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Development History

In 1970
Enric Gas Machinery was founded and becomes one of the manufactures of energy machinery with long history in China.

In 2000
The research of the first domestic seamless cylinder succeeded and the professional production line got ready.

In 2002
The high pressure gas cylinder or vessel was considered as new national key product of this year.

In 2003
LNG project started and the strategic adjustment on product structure had primarily accomplished.

In 2004
New natural gas refueling substation system got technical approval, filling the blank in this part in China.

In 2005
Enric was listed in the growth enterprise market of Hong Kong Stock Exchange. At the same year, we obtained the license of making the DOT-3AAX seamless steel cylinder issued by United States Department of Transportation.

In 2006
Enric became one of the ten most influential brands in the field of China pressure vessel.

In 2007
We joined in CIMC, stepping into the development period of resource integration. In the same year, we were chosen as one of the Top 500 China Enterprises of Machinery.

In 2008
We were awarded as National Advanced Unit of After-Sales Service.

In 2010
Our experiment of transporting the LNG container on the sea succeeded, starting a new mode of LNG transport. United with Tongji University, we developed the mobile hydrogen refueling substation that was applied successfully in Shanghai World Expo.

In 2011
First domestic Type II cylinder container was created and developed, reaching the world class level.

In 2012
The first period construction of the new factory was finished and the production line starts to work.

In 2013
Our self-designed 40 feet LNG tank container succeeded in the experiment of transportation on Qinghai-Tibet Railway, which started the railway transport of LNG and creates the new record of railway transportation on plateau in the world.