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Manufacturing Process of High Pressure Gas Equipment

1. Cylinder End Spinning
Advanced German roller spinning machine is adopted to reduce the diameter of cylinder end. It ensures smooth transition from the end to the shoulder part of the cylinder, preventing the neck of the product from being over thickened. Therefore, the capacity of the cylinder is enlarged at the premise of quality guarantee.

2. Ultrasonic Flaw Detection
We are outfitted with a kind of high performance ultrasonic testing machine for internal detects detection of cylinders or steel tubes. The machine integrates the functions of both ultrasonic flaw detector and ultrasonic thickness gauge, and is able to perform transverse wave flaw detection, longitudinal wave flaw detection, and ultrasonic thickness measurement functions. Adopting optimized immersion coupling method, it features high sensitivity and low noise. Additionally, the machine comes with a real-time imaging system, and supports automatic storage of defective waveforms to facilitate off-line analysis. Thus, the testing results are reliable.

3. Heat Treatment on Cylinder Body
We choose the stepping furnace with roller for heat treatment. The temperature is controlled at ±5ºC. Aided with our particular quenching system, our cylinder gets its physical and mechanical property guaranteed.

4. Inner Wall Cleaning System
Our existing inner wall cleaning technology is adequate to meet the demands of clean gas. After hydrostatic test, the inner wall will be treated in shot blasting process. Washed by the high pressure blower, the product will be conveyed for inner wall inspection again so as to prolong the operating life of valve accessories.

5. Finished Product Inspection
Excellent fluorescent magnetic powder tester will be adopted to test the defects on the surface, thread of cylinder mouth, inner hole and straight part. Then the finished equipment will be inspected by outstanding ultrasonic flaw detector and thickness measuring instrument, and the data will be recorded in the disc. We will take phone of the inner wall of the steel cylinder for inspection in order to keep smooth inner wall and high cleanness inside.