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CNG Filling Station Solution

As gaseous fuel, natural gas has low energy density. It usually needs to be compressed for storage. To make full use of natural gas, gas filling station is necessary. Before being filled into cylinder, CNG used for vehicle needs to be desulfurized and dehydrated.

A CNG filling station is a place where CNG vehicle can be refueled. The station is equipped with gas desulfurization, compression, dehydration, storage and selling systems. Automatic control system which guarantees normal running of the whole station, alarm device and extra power equipment are also available in the CNG filling station. The CNG filling station is usually made up of a primary station and several substations.

The primary filling station is usually set on the way of the gas transmission pipelines. The station has large volume compressor set whose compression grade is 3 or 4, separation, drying, storage, transportation and selling equipment. One primary filling station can supply gases for 3-4 substations.

The gas filling substation whose gas source is supplied by the primary filling station is usually located within the urban areas. Gas storage and selling equipment is available in the substation.

The gas filling substation we can build includes hydraulic substation and conventional substation. Our gas filling substation can be used to receive and store CNG sent by semi-trailer and to refuel natural gas-fueled vehicle through gas selling machine.