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Cryogenic Equipment

    1. Cryogenic Semi-TrailerOur cryogenic semi-trailer adopts the insulation method of multilayer winding, achieving excellent insulation performance and low daily evaporation rate. As the cryogenic semi-trailer is widely used to transport LNG, it is usually referred to as...
    1. Cryogenic Storage TankWith the water volume of 10-239 m3 or 2642-63158 gallons, the cryogenic storage tank, mainly used to store LNG, adopts perlite or multilayer winding for thermal insulation. It is designed and produced in accordance with ASME code ...
    1. Cryogenic Tank ContainerDesigned with unique internal structure, our cryogenic tank container has excellent insulation property. Thus are suitable for long-distance lossless LNG transportation. Humanized pipeline design makes for safe and convenient operation.
    1. LNG Vehicle Fuel Tank Our LNG vehicle fuel tank has been subjected to drop test (10 feet, 30 feet), fire test, and lossless storage test according to SAEJ 2343.
      The lossless storage time is tested to be long and liquid leakage is low.

By virtue of world-leading manufacturing technology, CIMC ENRIC has successfully developed reliable cryogenic equipment, including the cryogenic semi-trailer, cryogenic storage tank, cryogenic tank container, and LNG vehicle fuel tank. In addition, we also achieve system integration for LNG station and skid-mounted LNG station in housing areas.

Made of high-quality thermal insulation materials, our LNG equipment has excellent heat insulation performance and low evaporation rate.

1. Adopting aluminum foil and flame retardant paper, our cryogenic equipment is excellent in thermal insulation.

2. The inner tank used in LNG transportation equipment has the largest volume in China.

3. The operation cabin is assembled in a position near the ground. This humanized design makes operation easy.

4. There are cryogenic adsorbent (5A molecular sieve) and normal temperature adsorbent (palladium oxide) in the interlayer of LNG storage and transport equipment to keep the tank vacuum for a longer time.

5. The inner control standard restricts sealed-off vacuum degree of our LNG semi-trailer as 3×10-2Pa. The national standard for sealed-off vacuum degree is 1×10-1Pa.

6. Liquid evaporation rate of our LNG semi-trailer is 0.18%/d which is lower than the national standard restricted value, 0.22%/d.