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LNG Vehicle Fuel Tank / Liquid Cylinder

1.Our LNG vehicle fuel tank has been subjected to drop test (10 feet, 30 feet), fire test, and lossless storage test according to SAEJ 2343.
2. The lossless storage time is tested to be long and liquid leakage is low.
3. With reasonably arranged pipeline, the liquid cylinder is easy to operate. It is used to carry LNG for powering vehicles.

Our LNG vehicle fuel tank is manufactured with the production line that is independently designed with integration of many years’ experience in manufacturing cryogenic vessels. Many kinds of advanced and efficient equipment are adopted in the production, such as the four-axle rolling machine from Italy DAVI, automatic plasma welding machine, automatic MIG welding machine, industrial television, automatic polishing machine, ultrasonic cleaning machine, and the helium mass spectrometer leak detector from Germany.

With these equipment and automated assembly line between workpiece to workpiece as well as the integration of abundant experience and mature technology, we are able to provide quality and reliable LNG cylinders to customers.

Technical Parameters of LNG Vehicle Fuel Tank
Type 375L 450L 500L 570L
Overall dimensions
mm [in.]
1735×666 [68.3×26.2] 1981×666 [78×26.2] 2182×666 [85.9×26.2] 2430×666 [95.7×26.2]
Nominal volume Liter
375 [99] 450 [119] 500 [132] 570 [150]
Nominal operating
pressure MPa [Psi]
1.58 [230] 1.58 [230] 1.58 [230] 1.58 [230]
Design temperature
℉ [℃]
-320/104 [-196/40] -320/104 [-196/40] -320/104 [-196/40] -320/104 [-196/40]
Max. liquid filling
capacity kg [lbs]
144 [317] 172 [380] 192 [423] 217 [480]
Heat insulation method High vacuum and multi-layer heat insulation
  • LNG Fuel Tank for Trailer
  • Fire Resistant Fuel Tank
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